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How to breed carp at home

If you have a small reservoir in the compound, then why not start breeding carp there. Among the "advantages" of this venture, experts note the nutritional value, rapid growth and undemanding nature of the fish to the quality of the water. Moreover, its meat is almost completely absorbed in the human body. What a fish farmer should know, how to equip a pond at a dacha and what pitfalls in breeding carps are - you will learn all this from this article.

Where and how swans build nests

One of the most striking and fascinating birds is swans. They rightly bear the title of kings among birds, because even eagles can envy their grace and elegance. These beautiful waterfowl are of great interest not only for ornithologists, but also for ordinary people, because everyone likes to contemplate their imposing and smooth movements along the picturesque lakes.

Useful properties, botanical description and treatment with flowers of potatoes

Potatoes are the most popular root vegetable: probably there is no such person who has never eaten potato dishes in his life. Yes, and cultivation of this vegetable is one of the first places - it grows almost every gardener. It would seem that the popularity of potatoes is explained simply, but very few people know that on the basis of the flowers of this root crop, excellent tinctures can be made.

How to independently determine the acidity of the soil on the site

Before planting trees or trees, it is necessary to study which soil will be most favorable for them. In our article we will describe how to determine the acidity of the soil independently, since it is this indicator that has a serious impact on the development of crops. Types of acidity The acidity of the earth is one of the important indicators in the analysis of soil.

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Means for dealing with spider mites: acaricides and insectoacaricides

Spider mite is a malicious pest of plants. It actively feeds on juice, causing drying of the affected parts. At the same time, the tick is distinguished by high fecundity - one female gives hundreds of eggs for a couple of weeks of life. When controlling these pests, it should be borne in mind that ordinary chemical insecticides do not affect them at all.

Miracle tree in your house - ficus "Ginseng"

Ginseng is considered to be one of the most popular figs. Among the wide variety of its relatives, it attracts attention with an unusual outlandish root, giving the plant a fantastic look. The tree is also known for its unpretentiousness and endurance. Description Ginseng, he microcarp or small-fruited ficus belongs to the family of the Mulberry.

It is tasty and healthy - soup with cauliflower in broth

Under the enlightened empress Catherine II, new vegetable crops appeared in Russia - potatoes, cauliflower. The potato, though not without resistance, became the “second bread”. Cauliflower less fortunate. There were no riots about the imported unprecedented vegetable, but it is still less popular than it deserves.

Slaughter quails and cutting them at home

Quail meat is an excellent source of protein, rich in vitamins and microelements. In addition, and not least, quail is a rather unpretentious bird, which can be bred even in the conditions of a city apartment. Some difficulties may arise only when it comes to slaughtering the bird. Not all novice poultry farmers have come across this procedure, so it is important to study the issue in more detail with the help of our article.

Lohman Brown: characteristics, care, breeding

Farmer's markets today offer many different types of poultry, especially chickens. One of these breeds of chickens is Lohman Brown, which will pleasantly surprise the owners with its unpretentiousness to the living conditions. Characteristics of the Kura Loman Brown breed are the result of the long-term work of German breeders in the breeding of oviparous and unpretentious breed.

How to prepare tomatoes for the winter, we study ways

Tomato harvesting is a mandatory component of the winter cellar, without which almost no family can do. Tomatoes are a unique product that can be enjoyed all year round. Of them prepare a lot of appetizers, sauces and even desserts. Tomatoes in their own juice, pickled tomatoes, pickled, salted, tomato juice, dried tomatoes, tomato jam - this is what you can easily make from the tomatoes for the winter, following the recipes that we consider below.

How to properly and tasty salty milk mushrooms in a hot way

Mildew belong to one of the brightest representatives of the temperate and northern climatic zones. Mushroom in the forest is quite common, so hundreds of fans of "quiet hunting" are sent annually to this forest dweller. And this is no accident - the milk mushrooms differ in excellent taste, and their collection does not require additional efforts.

Photos, descriptions, names of home indoor palms

Attitudes toward houseplants are different for everyone: someone does not start them at all, someone prefers orchids, cacti or violets, someone prefers geraniums. But some amateurs arrange a real winter garden in the apartment or house, which botanical greenhouse complexes may envy. The crown of such magnificence may well become a palm tree, a symbol of the warm ocean coast and oases of the desert.

Growing mountain pine at their summer cottage

Ephedra are often appreciated for their ability to decorate any part throughout the year. In spring and summer, they emphasize the beauty of blooming ornamental flowers and shrubs, and in winter they are distinguished by bright green spots against a background of gray frozen ground and bare trees. Mountain pine, about planting and care that will be discussed, is loved by summer residents and landscape designers due to its compact size and unpretentiousness.

Popular species and varieties of ipomoea

In gardens, parks and gardeners, you can often see fences, gazebos and house walls entwined with green lianas with bright, large colors of rich colors similar to small gramophone records. This is the ipomoea, in another way, the fabricis is probably one of the most common garden vines. Now there are about five hundred species of this plant, of which about 25 are used by gardeners.